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As students start heading back to school, concussion prevention remains on the mind of many athletes, coaches and parents. A new, cutting edge technology is now being used in some schools to protect teens.

Schools are now working with doctors who use virtual reality to keep student athletes safe during game play. Since doctors are now realizing that repeated small hits can also result in a concussion, the new HeadRehab (http://headrehab.com/) technology gives doctors a better baseline for future diagnosis. This technology allows doctors and coaches to make a comparison between the player’s normal brain state and when they sustain an injury.  The 3-D test looks at spatial relationships, balance, memory and reaction time.

Professionals are now learning how important this is when dealing with a concussion, especially when so many students are susceptible to repeated injury after the first.  Once a score is determined, coaches, parents and doctors can then review and assess the student if the number changes after an injury. This new test also helps students learn more about head injuries and the reality of dealing with them. It may mean bench time, or missing several games, but understanding head injuries is now an imperative part of preparing for sports.

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