NFL Concussions rose from 115 to 183 in one year. Raw spike or better reporting?
Amid the new movie about #concussions new research has been found https://t.co/Rse5pIhtE0
RT @ConcussionLF: "Every #CTE case has had one thing in common: a history of repetitive head impacts." -Dr. Stern on #60Minutes
#concussions in football average about 6 a week, something that needs to be changed
On @CBS 60 minutes right now, a piece of football and the brain #TheMoreYouKnow
RT @ConcussionLF: On @CBS @60Minutes now: safety issues in the #NFL, featuring our advisor Dr. Robert Stern of the #BU #CTE Center https://t.co/7RjiIpfFOY
We feel THIS doesn’t get enough attention: "Cheerleading is one of the most perilous sports” http://t.co/NWZmK9RKFg http://t.co/KKlGB3RJo5
#Concussions and depression are linked - what you should know from @ConcussedTeen: http://t.co/6iJ4RmZUPM http://t.co/qlB5addroB
Do you agree? Will it make a difference? "@MarkMaddenX: New movie won't force @NFL to address #concussion issue” https://t.co/zJ0ks9zXMs
RT @UncleMesy: Amazing woman, give her blog a read, #TraumaticBrainInjury https://t.co/I7CERj3vX9
Refresh: Read this from @ConcussedTeen so you know how to help yourself or a friend: http://t.co/jzmaKSh6SH http://t.co/IWMsQNI6pD
"Even a ding, getting your bell rung or what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious, ” http://t.co/84C6DNR4Hf #concussion
RT @my_FASTbrain: Concussion Prevention Via Training Your “Whole” Brain http://t.co/UczeKFa6KB #BrainInjury #BrainTraining
"F Ryane Clowe will be unable to play hockey both now and in the future due his history of #concussions” @NFL, http://t.co/vYGDXrVJlM #SAD
RT @ItsReal4Us: Spreading #braininjuryawareness every day #concussion #ConcussionAwarenessWeek @ConcussedTeen @ConcussedLiving http://t.co/UVvf4CARxS
RT @TopPIayz: What a concussion looks like: http://t.co/2huJxphg5a
RT @NewtonSouthPTSO: Soccer Teams Participate in Concussion Awareness Week http://t.co/hJV2IB0okz
"The Concussion epidemic, if you will, has been a serious problem across the entire country “ http://t.co/9HfMNXGk6t http://t.co/VdVm6uHEPh
RT @_bioengineer: How the brain encodes time and place - Read more: http://t.co/7vm2WbzLSl http://t.co/DYUmAI35bC
RT @DrJoncas: Study reveals connection between fitness level, brain activity, and executive function http://t.co/cAMIjubGiV
"I was very dizzy and felt out of place, " said Stevenson, now a 17-year-old senior.” #Concussionhttp://goo.gl/zZajP1 http://t.co/T86Dl0m4FC
"My attention to #concussion treatment in the US was triggered by one unusual circumstance” interesting blog! http://t.co/z46BBBlCFt
RT @SportsDocRadio: Concussions back in news with study showing over 95% studied brains of post death football players with CTE disease-alarming! PARENTS BEWARE
"Parents may feel more at ease as regulations require limits on contact during practice to help prevent #concussions http://t.co/3Q8MdB8Xw1
Look at these photos & tell me this kid doesn’t deserve to be kicked off ALL sports! Wow! http://t.co/m19v3AbbHO #ConcussionAndThenSome
#Concussions and depression - what you need to know from @ConcussedTeen: http://t.co/6iJ4Rnhwem http://t.co/0NFplfgFKf
"School nurses more on guard as allergies, #concussions rise" http://t.co/D7JShpR876 http://t.co/qr5M3ZA6g1
RT @chartwheels: More education will yield better concussion management. https://t.co/K71Seam3AL
“If they continue to deny my work, men continue to die” #ConcussionMovie, #WillSmith http://t.co/v7LQKFnZpv http://t.co/IC67t6pbWZ
"Colour changing helmets could show when football players at risk of concussion” @DailyMailUK http://t.co/qonfqayl0A http://t.co/8LFJ8NyGm9
“Dr. Heinz said many states have struggled to come up with effective concussion protocols.” http://t.co/f0Aq0QklaK http://t.co/3myncQlAGW
“Researchers say there's not a truly accurate way to physically see what is going on in the brain when it receives a #Concussion”
“We’re hoping is to be the leaders in the state, and the country, when it comes to #Concussion awareness” http://t.co/50XpisWZ8v @USATODAY
RT @i1biometrics: Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Talking to someone can decrease the burden. Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1800 273 8255)
“New age vs traditional football, but both emphasize keeping the head out of the equation” http://t.co/RUmZulztlf http://t.co/2qt7aprsls
"To prevent further head injuries, his roster of 26 uses padded Guardian Caps during practice.” http://t.co/8FJs5THz5f @brooklyndaily
"I'm old enough to remember those dark days about head injuries.” http://t.co/6Syty0ODET #SteveYoung, @49ers http://t.co/LMzfpzW3BQ
"L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital is working to keep student-athletes safe on the field.” @GVilleAdvocate http://t.co/jpAcw7tSAR
Happy Labor Day from your friends at @ConcussedTeen - have a great day and play safe! http://t.co/MBighkust7
RT @Schnied1Patrick: SNTF protein can predict severity of post-concussion symptoms in professional athletes http://t.co/PtNog1xrEd
RT @MustangsTV_com: Please keep Mustang Devan Sharp in your thoughts and prayers. He was airlifted to Vanderbilt with a head injury.... http://t.co/Y1PosyB961
"Cora Marchand, 16, is back on the volleyball court after two back-to-back #concussions” http://t.co/KE3amUiwcF @WPXI, @ConcussedTeen
RT @DrJoncas: Brain Health Awareness Week hosted by the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute. Sept. 15-19, 2015. http://t.co/1E0BvMaVV1
RT @ConcernedMom9: Concussions: The road to recovery (back to back concussions, volleyball) https://t.co/cVonETaTZy
"Local sports medicine experts say the number of injuries hasn’t increased, but awareness and diagnosis have.” http://t.co/lHcoavlNbF
RT @ConcernedMom9: If no doctor is present at a game/practice, that athlete is done for the day, & must see a doctor later to return. http://t.co/QzocSmtAkc
"The problem with the @NHL, as opposed to the @NFL, is that the NFL is flush with cash in ways that the NHL is not” http://t.co/H0TJbOiNmQ
Read this refresher on #Concussion prevention from http://t.co/C7H7iFmBPP as you head back to school this week. http://t.co/U7hIZIpisA
“New, state-of-the-art football helmets alerts trainers & coaches to hits that could pose a risk for #concussion” http://t.co/OXbLpPI0k4
“The NFL doesn’t want to talk to you” #ConcussionMovie, #WillSmith http://t.co/v7LQKF6oxX http://t.co/jTxDkcSXmq
@Dartmouth College has developed mobile device that allows players to practice at full contact w/out risk of injury. http://t.co/9GRgBfswgz
RT @nurses4youth: Concussion Guidelines for Soccer http://t.co/OOXwsnXwoo http://t.co/BjsWyr9Zsc
Needham is one of the first towns in MA to require volunteer coaches to be trained on responding to #concussions. http://t.co/JdjuHAqwdt
Heading back to school this week? Read this refresher on #Concussion prevention from http://t.co/C7H7iFmBPP http://t.co/U7hIZIpisA
RT @concussed_youth: Concussion Guidelines for Coaches http://t.co/DxbxprMV2v http://t.co/Hj3X1RViio
Amazing - @Norton_Heath are paying for baseline #concussion testing, 235 new helmets, & 3 full-time trainers in KY: http://t.co/UeLQxxeM35
RT @SportsDocRadio: NBA Player's Association Announces New Sports Science Position: http://t.co/XAwd0ylNoB
Good to read that more #concussions are expected to be REPORTED for student athletes: http://t.co/rsm7emlQKW http://t.co/ifJJS5moyg
RT @HerConcussion: Stats re different injury mechanisms, ages for tbi & concussion [CDC]. Remember: it's not just sports. :) http://t.co/WnLVZucIod
There may be an even better way to keep track of baselines - virtual reality helping student athletes. http://t.co/1aORaUXAxI #Concussion
RT @dralessi: Cheerleading needs same concussion educational programs as football and other sports. https://t.co/vADkc06dH5
"The third stage, and what was for me, the most important, was acceptance.” Read more of Founder Alex’s Blog: http://t.co/WNUm3oR3l8
“It is worth noting that almost no sport is free of a #Concussion hazard” @nytimes http://t.co/x9FRkGCec6 http://t.co/9l2bgOaCpX
RT @GYMmotivational: To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then have the courage to blow past them.
A new study looks at the number of concussions among high school soccer players: http://t.co/xrelilXWNG @CNN , #KnowTheFacts
Virtual Reality & baselines for concussed athletes. Read more on http://t.co/C7H7iFmBPP: http://t.co/1aORaUXAxI http://t.co/8ZoS16qGaG
RT @neurodoctad: Thx to @Vada_Testing, here's my new article in @PhysSportsMed on determining brain fitness to fight in pro #boxing: http://t.co/Fjso8FPnJS
“Young athletes most vulnerable group to sustain a sports concussion, yet their plight receives least attention.” http://t.co/Zxjs9zckzD
RT @TryMunity: A Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services. http://t.co/3vVTDGCROc #TBI #Rehab
(Football)“'Is not a contact sport; it's a collision sport, ” Mike Ditka said to the coaches.” Read more: http://t.co/cVCxHy0Daw #concussion
Great news! "Two million concussion courses have now been taken by coaches since the NFHS launched the online course in May 2010."
Virtual Reality helping to measure baselines for concussed athletes. Read on http://t.co/C7H7iFEdep: http://t.co/1aORaUFZGa
"Injuries In Soccer Are On The Rise” http://t.co/PJi8YXAAnk #Concussion, #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/DEMEvNc3IT
"Neurosurgeon reports concussion detection success tracking eye movement by patients watching music videos.” http://t.co/xLP1t5fTAC
Schools in N. Carolina see drop in school sport participation as parents fear #concussions: http://t.co/J9qLgAM43h http://t.co/5vuD3EWIQG
RT @BIAAZ1: Recovery (especially physical therapy) often hurts. But to be forged, steel must first feel fire. http://t.co/IlVnv4SoU8
If you haven’t had a chance to read Alex’s latest blog, make some time this weekend! http://t.co/WNUm3ozstA https://t.co/ztJyttoJYF
"More than 25 years ago, Pete Ryan was blindsided during a football game and couldn’t remember the second half.” http://t.co/038sxMhUoT
RT @protectthebrain: Really cool! @HeadsUpFB Is this new for 2015? Will all fields and games carry your logo? #protectthebrain http://t.co/tAEPGhFIj5
"Progress students from one phase to the next depending on symptoms and signs of a concussion.” http://t.co/VNfjpBDDRz #KnowTheFacts
We can relate. https://t.co/wisFpLlhif
“It’s very exciting for me to be able to have a visual representation of how far I’ve come, ” she said. #KyleeBliss http://t.co/6M6fHaf9KK
“(Buddy) Curry, who played with Atlanta from 1980-87, spoke to a group of parents about #concussion management” http://t.co/V1rqYTgUly
RT @PositiveStride: Head injuries continue to rise in #Youth athletics #Sports #Injuries #Concussions #HeadTrauma http://t.co/smXFFomZjf http://t.co/7YJVRwJ7fm
RT @ConcernedMom9: The window of ages 10 to 12 is thought to be especially important for brain development http://t.co/U03Dn4TcSy @MailOnline
RT @trainhard123: CONCUSSION PREVENTION https://t.co/r7drRLaMFx
Latest Blog - Alex’s journey continues: http://t.co/WNUm3oR3l8 @ConcussedTeen #concussions http://t.co/smQBUnTPc2
RT @SportsCAPP: UPDATED: The Faculty List for National Summit on Female Concussion, TBI & Headache. More Info http://t.co/mSctXNjRbV http://t.co/9wWbjSid7I
Junior Seau to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Aug8. His family wants answers. http://t.co/FvElOw1HUt #Concussion, #Justice
RT @sharkiezartman: Family workouts for bodies & bonding. If you have a sidewalk or access to a park, you have enough space! http://t.co/LZCrJnq55T
RT @BIAPEI: Brain Injury Awareness needs to be all year long not just one month http://t.co/SMi3teAJAN
RT @protectthebrain: Watch: Depression After Football http://t.co/BPfDqIyCui via @ESPN @boowilliams82 @EddieGeorge2727 #protectthebrain http://t.co/fpFBMw3CJQ
"In terms of understanding concussions, the medical world is still struggling” http://t.co/3NsmMGqgSi http://t.co/W4QxVgH0xu
RT @JustCoolMe2: Support @Real_Liam_Payne a migraine suffer. @Project_Liam Every One Direction Fan donate a dollar 2 find treatment - https://t.co/1ABXCJEtIJ
“The answer to this question is yes–banning heading can reduce the number of concussions” @Forbes, #Concussion http://t.co/VtjOt6iPAZ
“A new test now available may begin to strip away some of that mystery ” #Concussions http://t.co/LhfmShnDx4 http://t.co/ztdcMM0XLq
If you #knowthefacts, you have a better chance of protecting yourself. @ConcussedTeen news: http://t.co/It1Ozjehsf http://t.co/3Xvh4pRQiA
'I think anything we can do to make kids safer in all sports is good.” http://t.co/lnUzotezNo @IntelligencerWV http://t.co/io27bP68Rr
“I really didn’t see anything, but felt the hit, & when I hit the ground my head hit against the track.” http://t.co/dq4RMaJdOs #Concussion
@WhoAmItoStopIt ps - traveling today, will be in touch by weekend
@WhoAmItoStopIt i will!
@WhoAmItoStopIt I would love to speak to you about your doc.
Read news, blogs & contact us on the @ConcussedTeen website: http://t.co/C7H7iFmBPP! Please share - #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/YNDdu8nXfe
“All head injuries, even minor, must be checked at the medical facility and not the sideline” http://t.co/iRMq4eTDgx http://t.co/o0lQCL7m9U
RT @bertvargas: #Cheerleading is a sport. Period. 27K ER visits/yr ~7% are #concussion. These athletes need baseline testing and specialty care. #AANSCC
“I just think people not knowing exactly what’s going on is more of a problem, ” @thestarbeacon, #concussion http://t.co/Wr3HMKWStU
RT @MomsTEAM: Obtain baseline for each athlete (http://t.co/T7Yh6Xexhv) or OK to use normative values in post-concussion eval? http://t.co/KgoFEn65Hq
Total bummer: “Fifa welcomes decision not to allow rule changes following complaints by young players” #concussion http://t.co/4Q6L5f9vS6
Such an interesting piece! “#Concussions place focus on soccer rules” http://t.co/Up6eYBY6Dp @AssociatedPress http://t.co/Rgp32ZhCYM
RT @RegionRat14: This is extremely dirty. No game is worth giving someone a major concussion. https://t.co/0jLLEBgiSb
There is a definite need for advance protection. @ConcussedTeen news: http://t.co/It1OzjvSQP @CowherCBS, #PlsRT http://t.co/r22qZCpk0U
Read news & blogs on the @ConcussedTeen website: http://t.co/C7H7iFmBPP! Please share - #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/677cRZ1R0P
“Take care of these young people” Former LSU, NFL defensive lineman Leonard Marshall addresses #concussion concerns http://t.co/3PlUvTAjD6
RT @trainhard123: Concussion researcher to start training more athletes in NRV http://t.co/MlDJ13iQNG
"Ohio HS Athletic Commission’s board of directors voted unanimously to limit full-contact drills during practices.” http://t.co/59SsFgBUxa
In @ConcussedTeen’s opinion, schools should host every Sept. Useful & smart. “Sedalia to Host Concussion Symposium” http://t.co/BbxwDPRIo7
"Putzier, a 6-foot-6, 255-lb athlete whom during Broncos' 04-05 seasons was known for making body-twisting catches"http://t.co/m8r3w7eoW7
RT @TBItechnologyco: Let's hope these statistics have changed for the better! http://t.co/jK8NCrLKQc
RT @neuropsychblog: Over 4, 000 attendees this year! #AAIC2015 https://t.co/sFiz7uPhzj
Pls RT @ConcussedTeen Alex’s Blog about her “Invisible Injury” & perception of #concussions. http://t.co/h2zB5xhoFC http://t.co/Ud9fyleuPc
#KyleeBliss, we should talk! "high school basketball player starts nonprofit after suffering consecutive concussions” http://t.co/TpXzQSptho
Glad to see @tntdrama is discussing concussions on @RizzoliIslesTNT #spreadtheword #concussions
Read: @ConcussedTeen founder Alex’s Blog about her “Invisible Injury” & perception of #concussions. Pls share. http://t.co/h2zB5wZNO4
Thank you @ChirpReport1 for being our 150th follower! Spread the word on #concussion safety, #KnowTheFacts! http://t.co/C7H7iFEdep
RT @PYSkull: Play the #game #saferandsmarter. #ProtectYourSkull. #concussionawareness #concussion #TBI #safety #sports #brain http://t.co/rONncY6PCb
RT @brainspine: BBC News - Peeking into the brain's filing system http://t.co/Hhin9oJABN
"There isn’t a helmet on the market that prevents concussions.” http://t.co/kFueV0XrLa @DentonRC #Concussion http://t.co/vJEEI5jzgV
#Concussions, #KnowTheFacts https://t.co/BXYPWnIMQ1
RT @DebbiePyka: How many kids would be saved from brain damage for playing #flagfootball? https://t.co/ZT90rsrvm1
'The governing body for athletics across 179 Montana high schools announced it will provide concussion insurance' http://t.co/utfUqYFPER
"The grand jury recommends that high schools establish neurological baselines for athletes ” http://t.co/pLv1Rs7UpM http://t.co/znnyrk5zVV
RT @MarkDPritchard: Mark D Pritchard My complete #Wordpress blog so far - from brain haemorrhage and #breastcancer to #selfpublishing https://t.co/EO2AykVdBY
"If Jake Smith needs a reminder of what a concussion feels like, he only needs to take a quick look at his phone.” http://t.co/EM9Q6X4J1t
Senators Tom Udall & Bill Nelson ask FTC to investigate misleading safety claims sell soccer headgear: http://t.co/GIS8Tb4aLs #Concussed
RT @JasonLuckasevic: WWE seeking to block concussion-related lawsuits http://t.co/9NAJOflCJb via @kdhnews
"Is it safe to play?” http://t.co/XQgEE7A9qG #Concussion, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/NEvueysXAb
#HeadsUp training for High School football coaches in Oregon. Right on! http://t.co/5gEWPLILh2 #Concussions http://t.co/EbdzHccCws
USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! Congratulations to Team USA, Woman’s World Cup WINNERS! @FIFAWWC http://t.co/iWQFEcPnQu
Happy & safe 4th of July from your friends at @ConcussedTeen! http://t.co/uIQuuPnZoV
@ConcussionChanl, @phillysoccerpg we write about this on our site a lot. We’re working right alongside you on this! http://t.co/C7H7iFEdep
Great piece from @nytimes reporter @danielle_ivory on #concussions https://t.co/Ve3cB205uJ
@wittich we’re working right a long with you! http://t.co/C7H7iFEdep
@rgchernick @ThePeddlar19 @perch35km We hope he’s better too! Ck out our site for some helpful advice on concussions: http://t.co/61PjKbwb2o
RT @GeorgeVisger: Son’s Concussion Inspires Lodi Man To Start Business Testing Athletes Before Injuries Happen http://t.co/nFDzlpYchr
"Coaches get new take on tackling from ABC producer” http://t.co/TXv3nadS6y http://t.co/U3tUnSV1aV
"Julie Foudy Echoes Former USWNT Teammates: Ban Youth Headers" http://t.co/Rse5pIhtE0
"Injuries in Women’s World Cup Semifinal Bring Concussion Debate to Fore” Glad conversations are happening: http://t.co/sUxMCdt1Bd @nytimes
“Soccer wrestles with #concussion issues” http://t.co/UvDzTww2dC @mercnews http://t.co/iQgsNwXu6e
@ConcussedTeen is SO PSYCHED! "US women defeat Germany 2-0 in World Cup semi-final" http://t.co/m0dpH1lHUj http://t.co/Dk6M3SDfgs
Glad to see @ussoccer_wnt Med Staff following concussion protocol, however, Morgan Brian should be kept on the bench
Just watched a horrible head to head collision in the #WWC2015 hoping the players are not showing signs of concussion
From our website: “When a Concussion is Suspected: a checklist” http://t.co/CnhD7upNZ1 http://t.co/MMeS7yM9Yw
"High School Football Players May Be at Doubled Risk of Migraine” http://t.co/lzAfo4Z5Fh @USNews http://t.co/XK15MIXPnZ
RT @DocHerceg: Must read by @CVaughan523: Importance of standardized procedures & supervision for baseline concussion assmnt http://t.co/lp99cQtbK5.
Check out #ConcussedTeen founder Alex’s latest blog! http://t.co/WNUm3ozstA http://t.co/qCMLvwbbCP
"Gracie can no longer play soccer. She has headaches, suffers from inexplicable nausea and …” http://t.co/FXi0S3MCt7 http://t.co/GMhesKdcBC
Really great to see this taking place! #KnowTheFacts https://t.co/8ZCVji8d5p
"My son, Zach, has had three #concussions in his young life, all happening on the football field” @SenatorRezin http://t.co/P8ho5sWluv
Good! "@brandichastain Jumps on Effort to Curb Headers in Youth Soccer” http://t.co/BCGFF8BsoC http://t.co/EAquPPK2N9
@RealSportsHBO tonight (10 pm) stories include: the lack of head trauma protection in girls’ youth soccer. TUNE IN. http://t.co/iIoiTdh6BB
"An Athlete Felled by Concussions, Despite Playing a ‘Safer’ Sport” @nytimes #curtis http://t.co/2A0EXoyGFR http://t.co/VU67EtrxXM
"By 2011, the CDCP reported that 3.8 million concussion or concussion-like injuries occurred in the US every year" http://t.co/Hl2J92JXJ5
RT @DrvanDonkelaar: Just completing a new study examining the effects of a bout of heading on neurocognitive function #NoHeaderNoBrainer https://t.co/sjS3smFiRA
RT @CTESociety: Fact: CTE, also referred to as “punch drunk” dementia is in no way confined to boxers, or for that matter, even to athletes.
"New study shows women's lacrosse as the No. 2 sport for #concussions behind only football” http://t.co/Q5EfTadBei @USATODAYsports
No joke: "How to Prevent a Traumatic Brain Injury” http://t.co/f7rqFdzx6n @HuffingtonPost http://t.co/cXtX1t600T
#ChrisBorland stopped playing. Will parents follow suit? http://t.co/sR2AmVIenQ @Newsweek, @49ers, #Concussion http://t.co/bWF5Q3hl1o
An @NFL-funded study discovered former pro football players are 19 times more likely to suffer brain-related diseases http://t.co/fydIpKole9
With experience in youth sports, state @SenatorRezin (R-Peru) is working to help young people who suffer concussions. http://t.co/ya47cAB1T7
RT @NeurofeedbackCS: Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here's how it changes your brain http://t.co/Y0NGFwUTRD
"They're customizing this headband for me ... so I feel pretty good and special.” http://t.co/QMUzq6WoNw @alikrieger, #concussion
The commentary about head injuries & #concussions in women's soccer is amazing! Glad to see @FIFAWWC taking a stance on this issue
RT @alikrieger: Gameday!! Let's do this. #USA https://t.co/zhiEshn1cU http://t.co/GUYrvoE4MU
"@NBA union hires neurologists to examine league's concussion protocol.” Right On! http://t.co/AjYmkpFVXM @espn http://t.co/Zsz8oNKDjT
RT @TheFlagForce: Concussion Awareness to Protect our Youth http://t.co/bTvyEdIrZ9 by @TheFlagForce @ConcussedTeen @ConcussHealth @dailyRx @CNN @USAToday
We now have over 100 Twitter followers for @ConcussedTeen. Dedicated to spreading the word! http://t.co/C7H7iFEdep http://t.co/T6xzNc4ndo
From @USATODAY HS Sports: Iowa schools brace for impact of concussion lawsuits - http://t.co/FC1agurcXU http://t.co/Cead9mAf2G
RT @ESPNFC: FT: Germany 1-2 USA The #USMNT defeats the world champions as Bobby Wood gets the game-winner... AGAIN #USAvGER
RT @protectthebrain: Terry Long: #NFL Players are donating their brains to science. Read here http://t.co/1TO4lxcUSe #protectthebrain http://t.co/AyXtyIM6s7
RT @ussoccer: Can you hear those chants from Cologne??!! #USA #USA #USA
Traumatic Brain Injury | Concussion | Care Matters : Anatomy of a #concussion graphic. http://t.co/Pcg5NPlSuA
RT @BrainLine: After My Brain Injury, Why Is Speaking Harder on Some Days than Others? http://t.co/meypB1FXyN #TBI #aphasia #livingwithTBI #braininjury
.@NYTimes: former Illinois U women’s soccer player’s lawsuit against university, alleging her concussion was mishandled & career ruined
It’s important we recognize that all sports need knowledge on preventing #concussions: http://t.co/mlLdAj8q6S http://t.co/0gxsVrQgJh
Thrilled about this, sad it has taken so long! @ConcussedTeen, #concussion, #KnowTheFacts https://t.co/am1zlMWm9P
RT @sport794: If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat. -Herschel Walker
"Like 250, 000 of her peers, Shore had suffered a concussion thru a sport or recreational activity.” http://t.co/NLxNs47upb
The American Athletic Conference is changing the way it handles #concussions. Read more: http://t.co/yQDxGjoUDF http://t.co/4qn3hnvHim
“It’s worth asking what amateur sports does now to prevent, detect and treat #concussions, " http://t.co/TfB5frzTqk @MLMediaNews
I feel like saying “duh”: “Not even helmets help pro bull riders stave off concussions” http://t.co/Jr1Fq8NF3z http://t.co/uhDkE6Onej
All sports should get our attn when it comes to safety! Read more on the @ConcussedTeen site: http://t.co/mlLdAj8q6S http://t.co/i5J2bh2WpH
Suit Tackles Risk of Concussion in High School Football @NBCNews, #concussions http://t.co/dmKHXJFRND http://t.co/cGihqK3cZH
Really sad #concussion story out of Canada. RIP Rowan. http://t.co/UeIHBkMMyc @OttawaCitizen http://t.co/bVwMT3wjDk
Something we already know: #Concussions more prevalent in girls’ soccer than football http://t.co/z9jWPdLCOo http://t.co/Dgpi8ZuFmT
RT @MomsTEAM: ICYMI: "That Lack of Oversight and Transparency in Youth Sports Surprisingly Common" http://t.co/fEqjnZi2SW @HuffPostSports blog
We’re still feeling totally honored, two full days later!!! https://t.co/fWfqjrhNOV
"North County students use their heads to protect their heads” @capgaznews, #concussion, http://t.co/gVot9NqXRP http://t.co/PsmqWfe5B0
@RepDeSaulnier introduced bill aimed to prevent #concussions among student-athletes in U.S. http://t.co/CxMayVKXgi http://t.co/2zTKo2WWG0
@ConcussionChanl we are honored!! Thank you so much
RT @ConcussionChanl: Featured follower of the week: @ConcussedTeen they are a great resource for concussion information within the teenage population
Alex Pierscionek is suing Illinois High School Athletic Association for multiple #concussions he endured http://t.co/JjHPScdSY9 @nytimes
Very interesting new development! #concussions, #KnowTheFacts https://t.co/CJ2xuViicV
RT @theconcussiondr: NBA isn't the only sport where #concussion is hot topic. Here's @WorldRugby take on Scotland's concussion protocols: http://t.co/tfaX3U03ce
The @NHL is already facing multiple lawsuits from former players. #concussion http://t.co/64f0HHz38Y #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/rzhWIGpzCV
'I Need My Brain’ @ConcussedTeen, #concussion, @insidehighered https://t.co/7YNFeb2Yw0 http://t.co/IYcTqlio3Y
Hope @StephenCurry30 is ok. That looked like a really bad fall. #Concussion, @warriors http://t.co/h30l2ZoYZB http://t.co/Ux0HKHD1JQ
RT @FoxDPT: Curry with "Head Contusion" is laughable. Just another way sports and athletes/doctors get around #concussion issue. Embarrassing. #NBA
#Concussions: Under Control or Out Of Sight? http://t.co/paaCXx4OIr @txredzonereport, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/8sECjTmNK0
A thank you to all the service people who protect us all year long. Happy Memorial Day from @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/t56OUj8Wyh
New blog from @ConcussedTeen’s Founder Alex: http://t.co/WNUm3ozstA #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/9VqxXW4UpD
Jury awards former HS football player nearly $1 million in response to school reaction to head injury. Is it enough? http://t.co/pk4fvWXpRP
RT @JasonLuckasevic: #FF @Bettracks @brookew10690101 @CoachKatIntl @ConcussedTeen @CaringAcrossGen @razthegame
RT @GB_Helmets: GAMEBRAKER is a uniquely designed performance protective cap. It is molded out of the finest EVA rubber foam, offering maximum protection.
RT @CCMConcussions: Widespread #concussion awareness may help with the acceptance of injury reporting in sports #whyriskit https://t.co/V3knphHXu5
Do you know the important danger signs of a #concussion? #BeAware, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/fC477Ss4Qc http://t.co/qvKRwKbvCY
RT @ConcernedMom9: Stamford considers #concussion policy for youth sports - StamfordAdvocate http://t.co/Jh1WDQIHtA via @StamAdvocate
For real?! "@USYouthSoccer, nation’s largest youth sports org, has asked state officials not to talk to the media about #concussions"
Trevor’s story is very similar to mine. I left soccer after two bad #concussions and now row crew. http://t.co/P7AIPVbhlW @ConcussedTeen
RT @i1biometrics: One concussion is bad enough. Multiple concussions can be deadly: http://t.co/mv5EygmkCJ
High school students are invited to apply to the month-long research program on #concussions http://t.co/HARCQGIBhs #OleMiss, @clarionledger
Thanks to new #follows: @NeuroPraxis_Co, @CheriGeist, @playsportstv, @PJohnTRND, @TBIRaiders. Let’s spread the word about #concussion danger
RT @BrainLine: Wary of #concussion, college athletes choose early retirement: http://t.co/d2DSt6dm9d #TBI #mTBI #braininjury
A #concussions is a serious brain injury that is harmful if you don’t get the right help: http://t.co/drPaXez7cC http://t.co/5RBJ7orMun
"For two EWU players, leaving the game behind was the toughest decision of their lives" http://t.co/CltasmyT6Z http://t.co/5f2oSoLU1T
Interesting study on where most sports #concussions happen - in practice. http://t.co/OKOgNeGTDq @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/og8uP31vNx
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New rule passed by NYS Public HS Athletic Association reduces # of days football teams have full contact practices: http://t.co/2T69Ri9dKf
"Kids and teens who suffer a #concussion worry about their academic skills afterward” @Reuters, @ConcussedTeen https://t.co/icHmy6CxBH
RT @SInow: BREAKING: Tom Brady has been suspended four games. @Patriots lose 2016 first-round pick, 2017 4th round pick, fined $1 million dollars.
"A half a million kids under the age of 14 are getting TBIs (traumatic brain injuries)" http://t.co/OfjpDLE5Wc @thedayct, #concussions
Know the danger signs of a #concussion. #KnowTheFacts, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/fC477Ss4Qc http://t.co/1lBAD9IEnO
Houston expert studies concussions in teen female athletes http://t.co/a5AXEBpijY #Concussion @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/rUXXpw6cNb
“Concussion: A National Challenge”: Register now for this June's #concussion symposium, hosted at @cwru! http://t.co/RAyR3jWqnC
RT @VGLifeSciences: #Concussion Awareness Foundation Started by Family after Son’s Death #TBI #TraumaticBrainInjury : http://t.co/tBy5zvvtbI
A mother remembers her son. #Concussion #KnowThefacts, #RIP http://t.co/a5AXEBpijY http://t.co/A6RpuFoHkt
Scary stuff #KnowTheFacts MT @CTESociety What's the long-term impact of #concussions? @Nightline takes a look: http://t.co/aRF0t8GnUd
RT @USATODAYsports: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman can be deposed to give testimony in a concussion lawsuit: http://t.co/i8G79jcGyE http://t.co/BldvfWohVO
"High school coaches stress education, safety features to thwart #concussions": http://t.co/6zZ7ieToRJ @RedlandsNews http://t.co/WqpRaFd8jT
RT @MomsTEAM: Celebrate Mother's Day By Recognizing Critical Role of Sports Moms http://t.co/ePkBdgGKis … via @HuffPostSports
BAN FOOTBALL? As debate grows over concussion dangers, Fitchburg State panel ready to tackle topic: http://t.co/5gywb1EUCi #concussions
RT @ConcussedLiving: Concussions much more complicated than people realize, a 2 minute test while better than nothing, doesn't even scratch the surface.
RT @youthletic: Do you know the 10 benefits of youth sports? http://t.co/lPoV3l93Te #lovethegame #winningisntoneofthem
#JoeNamath: if he'd known then about #concussions, he would never have played football. http://t.co/mh7Gw7fq7e http://t.co/VyVyMuqsbt
Aw Mom! “40 mothers attend Football Safety Clinic at the Jets’ facility” http://t.co/dpsMwJDE6X @nyjets, @CBSNewYork http://t.co/kl5UkuMGiO
New #concussion legislation being introduced. Will it fight an uphill battle? @concussedteen http://t.co/QLNi3BzzH8 http://t.co/XWDWU6lAmb
RT @TheTweetOfGod: The best way to stop people from protesting about a bad thing is to stop doing the bad thing.
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Girls' lacrosse has a #concussion quandary: Mandatory headgear would change the game too much, state coaches say http://t.co/G4kcmzDVoP
RT @AndreaPLustig: Why concussion research is so vital. Support @SportsLegacy A mother's sad story http://t.co/IHj62kASSw #kids #sports #concussions #CTE
What d’you think about proposed legislation? ‘Federal bill would penalize states that don't enact guidelines’ #Concussion, @ConcussedTeen
Help those affected by the #NepalEarthquake. Donate to the @RedCross via @iTunesMusic at http://t.co/vPK6Tsjgrp http://t.co/y2NjVXvCkd
RT @sportsmedres: Do parents understand concussions and their importance? http://t.co/BC5ew1VhRl via @DrDavidGeier
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RT @ConcernedMom9: @ConcussionRep A Son of Football Calls His Mother, Patrick Risha #CTE http://t.co/fluh5zYE6H
A Missouri House panel approves proposal to allow homeschoolers to play sports at public schools. What that means: http://t.co/LCVNnSZaES
"Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers will get a cut before the retired players see any money” http://t.co/dUiZQm9Eln #Concussion #NFL
Local coaches & sports physicians up their game to prevent #concussions to young athletes: http://t.co/LxoYvji33e http://t.co/jlRXGFIBlj
RT @MomsTEAM: Repetitive head impacts linked with brain damage (including CTE), but relationship is unclear. A review of research. http://t.co/yBVY4Uiodv
What does the @nfl settlement on #concussions mean to you? http://t.co/CsinHz0SP6 @CNN #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/Rq0QTWLWse
RT @DGN914: Photo sparks discussion over the importance of protecting the youth from #concussions http://t.co/QjICKNd5tC @BrainUnityTrust
"Concussion: A National Challenge" http://t.co/nQdYrNWHo7 Nation's top scientists, engineers, clinicians & researchers to educate the public
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RT @SergioAlemania: Judge OKs 65-Year Deal Over NFL Concussions; Could Cost $1B: Judge approves potential $1 billion plan to resol... http://t.co/as1JJZOW1n
“Premature return-to-play decisions in high school & college sports can pose serious neurological consequences.” http://t.co/c8Y68EusSJ
"For kids in adolescence, the prefrontal cortex is still developing” Cloudy judgment and risky behavior? Read more: http://t.co/lO0NEQGbvw
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Can new research in brain scans help #concussed athletes and others? @concussedteen http://t.co/kOpeeQ3H6L http://t.co/ntiYbEl6XC
Today at 2p Interesting webinar via @AMBestCo: What Athletes Should Know About Concussions http://t.co/qKchGdOgCs http://t.co/z4r31QJeyn
RT @griz1: Middle school #concussion education can b effective but gaps remain. #HowardBishop #AANAM poster @AANPublic http://t.co/Qq1aP7Ud4C
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@SportsCAPP just starting out educating teens like myself who are concussed in sport but don’t know where to turn for information.
RT @griz1: Here's what kids w #concussions say about school & what they're worried about. #DrGioia #AANAM @Child_Neurology http://t.co/vibnvRlZ2N
RT @NBCNewYork: Ex-Ranger Mike Richter, one of hockey’s iconic American-born goaltenders, speaks for 1st time about concussion issues http://t.co/Fa3HBjTaKQ
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Editorial: High school football must get tougher on concussions http://t.co/qbSbNVEIYA @Suntimes, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/9VypMgtVqg
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“Now suffering from five concussions, Reed struggles daily to maintain her grades in school” http://t.co/3uktuaMWQ1 http://t.co/P9ALsBDhv6
If you’re interested in #Concussions & discussions about it, pls follow me at @ConcussedTeen & visit http://t.co/PuWdseDpdN Will #FollowBack
Interesting webinar happening 4/21 via @AMBestCo: What Athletes Should Know About Concussions http://t.co/qKchGdOgCs http://t.co/zgVjJ848fy
RT @ChrisNowinski1: Multiple #concussions force the retirement of #rugby player Declan Fitzpatrick: http://t.co/qGXLbQWJht http://t.co/p2YB0IA6Hu
"IHSA Says Concussions Lawsuit ‘Threatens High School Football’” What do you think? @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/m5n38cbkwG @cbschicago
"Concussion management training of coaches is not equal” http://t.co/auoI5xLOaz @indystar, @concussedteen http://t.co/AaiBG72JbO
RT @PinkConcussions: Wow, what a great guy! Just spent 2 hrs talking w/ @TomMacleod_ of @SkySportsNewsHQ what's next in sport concussion? http://t.co/YTLLTP9bcr
Do they? RT @nytimes: Do health and fitness apps benefit healthy people? http://t.co/in5URLMKnU
A hospital & school district have come up with a program to decrease concussions in student athletes.http://t.co/pkWw2RBFHT @ConcussedTeen
RT @SportsLegacy: View the #concussion #education programs we can provide for #coaches, #parents & #athletes: http://t.co/Q0WFM5Uicr http://t.co/KN0y1CuLoi
RT @MLSFAN20: Devils GM: Ryane Clowe unlikely to return to NHL after series of concussions http://t.co/5gol6OfpUe via @theScore
4 clues that concussions are a bigger deal for the @nfl than you think: http://t.co/TBWECrjMpC @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/qH3UlVSRqF
RT @www_motherpedia: 6 reasons for #teenagers to maintain a #study routine on #holiday. http://t.co/oLsXlhLGIO http://t.co/5ws0cYjU7Y
The sports emojis Apple forgot: http://t.co/wD9A3Kpfmr @SInow (#TomBradyHiFive) http://t.co/gjyI89Nf9T
@MarcusButler hello. ^CT
RT @nytimes: Brain-training exercises for better vision http://t.co/z01Ago0ArV
In the state of Utah each year, 20, 000 people receive brain injuries” http://t.co/QAc6UnbRNN @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/oEIEOZrqG6
Concussion laws to prevent head injuries in teenage athletes should extend to include activities of summer camps, travel & all-star teams.
RT @www_motherpedia: Today: #allergy management, #teenage boys, #tips for household savings, #sports concussion + more. http://t.co/r9wr5YyVCc
Article: Schools Must Up Their Game for Treating Sports Injuries http://t.co/fkJ2sPILXn http://t.co/v7T5YW6I0D
Read @ConcussedTeen founder Alex’s story about her concussion. #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/lW0F3UsG1n http://t.co/AwyMAkzAO5
RT @Gizmodo: How to learn any new sport without sucking http://t.co/lszOpFFf9B
RT @GlobaHealthNews: "Study: Brain Scans May Identify Concussion-Related Disease" http://t.co/0HOKcm8yFd #HealthNews
.@TODAYshow did a feature on teen sport injuries and the need to take them seriously: http://t.co/NM1sFW0oPA http://t.co/n2F0FW4nBS
Expanding sports concussion laws may help ensure safety of all teenage athletes: http://t.co/LzblhF6vIx #KnowTheFacts, @ConcussedTeen
Expert Recommends Extending Sports Concussion Laws http://t.co/GA9OkmXQxX @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/2uT4lhgcHJ
.@ConcussedTeen founder Alex kicks off her first blog: “change is hard” http://t.co/WNUm3oR3l8 http://t.co/XiKWMlydJ7
"A concussion is a serious injury even though they call it a mild injury, ” http://t.co/A0byhPXPTj #GreyMatters http://t.co/NYSprTjZey
Parents Need Answers About Youth Sports Concussions: http://t.co/ahJLURPmln @HuffingtonPost, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/AuAZPzoIvH
#KnowTheFacts about concussions before you start playing sports: http://t.co/hsQOcAKtb2 @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/hMTfS9auKv
RT @Neurofeedback22: Until recently brain analysis has not matched the complexity of concussion & headtrauma This has changed with advancements in brainmapping
RT @MLS: Help locate @CalMensSoccer player Eloi Vasquez who went missing in LA this weekend: http://t.co/25Ps9cFYKt #FindEloi http://t.co/KMe86E4kZ9
RT @WillStewNeuro: NIH CTE Consensus "-this pathology has only been found in individuals exposed to brain trauma" http://t.co/hLTsyyEcYd http://t.co/vM405MFBHt
A new twist on cheating -students post questions on @twitter. http://t.co/14sOk17ivx @baltimoresun http://t.co/nfoj4gjSeq
RT @my_FASTbrain: Brain Rest for Concussion http://t.co/NL46uFFg7T #BrainInjury
RT @Leslie4Paris: @MomsTEAM Please vote for this photo@ http://t.co/C7dVqpdAHn. Concussion may start on the field but doesn't end there http://t.co/0vfA0g1E2I
As concussion lingers, HS linebacker ends his football career: http://t.co/rAG5Ane2QP @fox11news, #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/grLOeZDyNY
RT @Kedoskee: Concussion is real! https://t.co/tCVRj346eZ
RT @nytimes: The House passed a bill changing the Medicare fee formula and extending children’s insurance http://t.co/VbHweU10gd
“Study: Hitters’ Production Dips After They Return From Concussions" @nytimes, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/4BaqQt06qt http://t.co/jDJwLSbhuF
RT @BryanHoch: Yankees don’t know when Jose Pirela (concussion) will be able to play, but Joe Girardi said he hopes to get him back in some spring games.
RT @KatieStrangESPN: Judge in MN district court has denied NHL's motion to dismiss re: concussion litigation. Found NHL's 3 arguments insufficient for dismissal
.@UDelaware investigating the effects of ball heading in female HS and collegiate players http://t.co/2gEGeKqT2i http://t.co/viLkcBGsYk
RT @MyHeadacheDoc: Moving photo captures concern for brother's #concussion http://t.co/z5mELrPUDG @daviddodick @AllConcussion @ConcernedMom9 @ShiftConcussion
A growing number of Nigerian-American athletes are excelling at high school sports. http://t.co/aO9ySY7I19 @nytimes http://t.co/jwsZzb2Llj
RT @MLS: . @OrlandoCitySC hit hard by international call-ups, injury bug: http://t.co/K33MGIuHBI http://t.co/95dIJflaAr
King-Devick is a simple concussion test EVERY parent of a young athlete should be familiar with. Learn more: http://t.co/oAnIPTckjV
RT @SInow: Olympic gold medalist swimmer Missy Franklin will go professional http://t.co/XCrYVubXWG http://t.co/tDUoUJYttm
.@Yankees prospect @JosePirela12 diagnosed with concussion:.http://t.co/YwwoGxWVdT http://t.co/XQRjRoseYn
How at risk are you for a concussion? #KnowTheFacts http://t.co/6jz32zzVym http://t.co/n1D6Er6gJm
RT @SoccerGrlProbs: Every teams got at LEAST one of each of these teammate stereotypes! #newyoutubevid #SGP https://t.co/igkmLmKslx
South Dakota Republicans vote against a bill to keep transgender teens off girls sports teams: http://t.co/jTle3mvYNc http://t.co/SwTmHUv6Tv
RT @stevenettinger: Even though I've never been a mom myself... I did an interview for The Secrets of Healthful Motherhood Summit... http://t.co/qJM1JeocyB
RT @SInow: World's most confident Kentucky fan already has 2015 national champs tattoo http://t.co/CTOSNThK32 http://t.co/FTpb1kdY0G
RT @MomsTEAM: One way to reduce concussions in boys' @uslacrosse this season: do better job of penalizing blindside hits? http://t.co/79lZjYm5Nh
"I just honestly want to do what's best for my health” @49ers #ChrisBorland on retiring at 24 over concerns of repetitive head trauma @espn
If you’re on your way to college, what sport do you hope to try that wasn’t at your HS? http://t.co/KXLLPizGAe http://t.co/0ywy85ypGO
@Stanford bioengineers & clinicians join forces to understand and prevent #concussions http://t.co/sv6ji7UL8Q http://t.co/lUeSsfIUaL
Bill protecting youth sports against concussion lawsuits advances: http://t.co/gCWadfIPAr @ConcussedTeen, #Yuck http://t.co/QgiqJDZkE3
Follow @concussedteen and join the conversation! #concussion, #teenagers, #highschool, #sports, #knowthefacts http://t.co/zd9xaif6ja
School players leave basketball game to confront bully of down syndrome cheerleader: http://t.co/XpbBRMFRR0 http://t.co/yIHJsEEKNG
Interesting read: @nyulmc Concussion Center explains new study on an eye tests that help determine concussions. https://t.co/YRRC6JRiBs
Make sure you know enough about concussions to know when to leave the game. http://t.co/mZk2rDKCoT @ConcussedTeen #KnowTheFacts
Thoughts are with the Indiana Tech Bowling team: At least 20 injured when bus carrying students flips http://t.co/lmkSwkttyp @HuffingtonPost
HA! RT @nytimes: Free-throw distraction works. http://t.co/9zIUfZaAmY http://t.co/IJ1yqbH8HQ
RT @MomsTEAM: How to Improve Youth Sports Safety: Focus On Protecting The Whole Child | http://t.co/MVWc0szERS @brookedeLench
Concussion Diagnosis Could Take Under 2 Minutes With This Easy Test @Yahoo, @ConcussedTeen http://t.co/qbG8Bz4hcB http://t.co/2QcjVUrjed
RT @trevor_wiley: I feel like highschool sports are a big part of a maturing process for teenagers
RT @classyclumsyeq: @njaswaltrillium:Does your barn have a concussion protocol? http://t.co/jvR6uYwEWo I've had a concussion before and this is VERY IMPORTANT!
What do you think of this letter on @njdotcom about re-thinking contact sports in HS? http://t.co/wCwNF3Mv9R http://t.co/KNHF8IGZor
RT @SInow: Ex-Seahawks WR Sidney Rice said concussion awareness made him decide to retire at age 27 http://t.co/VFxmo395A5 http://t.co/gkPHqBfxN3
RT @usafootball: Concussion symptoms can differ from child to child: http://t.co/Xmvws4b0X3 http://t.co/R566g3biAu
RT @MomsTEAM: Longer recovery period recommended after concussion for younger athletes, says @BostonChildrens Meehan. http://t.co/dqlZC4vJVN [Video]
Parents behaving badly during school sports. Have you ever seen an adult acting like a child? http://t.co/VXGdnoto06 http://t.co/pUieEV9jFZ
Know the facts: When should you take yourself out of the game? http://t.co/mZk2rDKCoT @concussedteen http://t.co/u8ctyNlotU
To help combat chronic sleep deprivation in teens, some schools are starting later. http://t.co/bgKWCv1yxk http://t.co/ovcyh3wX4Q
From @HuffingtonPost: This simple 2-minute test helps parents spot their children's concussions http://t.co/rUtc3LpHzA
RT @Hope4HeadInjury: How many of you have had people say to you, "You look Fine!" ?? Although on the surface it seems like… https://t.co/Ij9sIgCPux
Thanks @Section101Tweet! I am so excited to be working with you http://t.co/VEcRVbFpA8
Goal for spring season athletes: Have fun and reduce your risk of concussion! #protectyourbrain
A big thanks to @stevenettinger and @ExceedFit for hosting such an AMAZING yoga session to benefit @ConcussedTeen. #healingthroughyoga
T-minus two days until the next @ConcussedTeen fundraiser!!! #iknowaconcussedteen
@ConcussedTeen is excited to be hosting another yoga session with @stevenettinger #healthemind
RT @nytimes: After Former Player’s Death, Concussion Litigation Against N.H.L. Gains Heft http://t.co/9S6DR2z4Kg
More girls suffering sports-related concussions http://t.co/TdstoyS7HP
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Concussions and depression: What you need to Know

A concussion is an injury that isn't always visible, but as the press reports point out, can cause serious damage. While news items focus on the cognitive aspect, attention should be paid to the emotional one as well. 

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Back to School


As we head towards Labor Day, you’ve either already started back at school OR you’ve begun sports practice with a school start right around the corner. It’s time for a re-cap on what you need to know to both try to prevent a concussion and how to react should one happen.   It’s important knowledge to have, and we’re happy to provide the refresher!

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Virtual Reality

As students start heading back to school, concussion prevention remains on the mind of many athletes, coaches and parents. A new, cutting edge technology is now being used in some schools to protect teens.

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The Need for Advance Prevention

Coach Bill Cowher spent 15 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, so when it comes to concussions, he knows from what he speaks! He recently wrote an editorial piece for USA TODAY that I hope crosses a lot of people’s desks (or tablets). It’s an important read.

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