My Journey Continues

 In my July blog, I talked about the how excited I was about the new concussion policies that are being talked about in the media, as well as the new concussion headbands which were very apparent in the Women’s World Cup games. However, as I was reading the news, and viewing an array of press videos, I realized that me being able to watch and enjoy the WWC was a part of moving on from soccer. Before the tournament started, I was hesitant about watching- I thought it would bring up memories from my time protecting the net or laughing with my teammates, and that it might make me sad or even nostalgic. Interstingly, after watching the tournament, I really began to appreciate that my life after soccer has provided me with endless opportunities- from rowing (which I love) to starting ConcussedTeen (which I also love!).

There are multiple stages to dealing with a concussion; the initial blow, the time when you aren’t sure what is happening, wondering when you’re going to feel like yourself again, and then the grief and coping, yearning to be back on the field or on the court, missing your life as an athlete, being sick of sitting around, not being active and not being able to go to different social events with your friends. The third stage, and what was for me, the most important, was acceptance. You realize that your life, and your outlook, has definitely changed, but that you’re able to move on from yearning for what was and look forward.

While each concussion – and the recovery time - is different, those who are no longer able to play their specific sport will find other things that make them happy, whether it is a new sport, a school club, a part-time job or any other activity that keeps you socialized and engaged (school newspaper, theater, etc). It could even be something you’d always wanted to do but didn’t have the time because of your commitment to your sport.

As much pain as two severe concussions brought me and my family, I can now reflect and be (somewhat) glad that I was able to turn around what was a life-altering event and use it as a positive.  Being a concussed teen provided me with a wider view of the world, and new ways to pursue things that I am interested in. - Alex, August 2015





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