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A Frightening Incident

A few weeks ago, my crew team and I were in a terrible accident. Our boat suddenly filled with water about two miles off shore, and the launch, the boat that our coach trails us in, also flipped when a squall occurred. All eight of us girls were stranded in the Long Island Sound for about 40 minutes in 43-degree water, screaming for help, warmth, and our parents. Those 40 minutes were filled with thoughts of sadness, death, and a waterfall of tears. My coach had us sit on the bottom of the launch, where the motor was located to use as a flotation device and tried to keep us as warm as possible.

When we were finally rescued we were all hypothermic, cut-up, and bruised-emotionally and physically. One teammate was diagnosed with severe hypothermia and a concussion- she was hit in the head by the launch and the police boat. Two weeks later, she is still symptomatic and having a rough time.  I, along with my teammates, have reached out to her and her family, but I still feel as if there is more we can do. While this was a freak accident, knowledge and understanding by coaches and adults about concussions is still needed. While there has recently been a lot of media coverage on concussion in sports, it mostly focuses on soccer and football. Awareness is needed across board, in every teen activity. Ironically, I started crew after deciding that I could no longer risk a third concussion in soccer.

We would love to hear your concussion story and be a source of support. Please email submissions@concussedteen.org if you want to share your story or offer advice. 

- Alex, May 2015


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