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NFL Concussions rose from 115 to 183 in one year. Raw spike or better reporting?
Amid the new movie about #concussions new research has been found https://t.co/Rse5pIhtE0
RT @ConcussionLF: "Every #CTE case has had one thing in common: a history of repetitive head impacts." -Dr. Stern on #60Minutes
#concussions in football average about 6 a week, something that needs to be changed
On @CBS 60 minutes right now, a piece of football and the brain #TheMoreYouKnow
RT @ConcussionLF: On @CBS @60Minutes now: safety issues in the #NFL, featuring our advisor Dr. Robert Stern of the #BU #CTE Center https://t.co/7RjiIpfFOY
We feel THIS doesn’t get enough attention: "Cheerleading is one of the most perilous sports” http://t.co/NWZmK9RKFg http://t.co/KKlGB3RJo5