Concussions and depression: What you need to Know

A concussion is an injury that isn't always visible, but as the press reports point out, can cause serious damage. While news items focus on the cognitive aspect, attention should be paid to the emotional one as well. 

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Back to School


As we head towards Labor Day, you’ve either already started back at school OR you’ve begun sports practice with a school start right around the corner. It’s time for a re-cap on what you need to know to both try to prevent a concussion and how to react should one happen.   It’s important knowledge to have, and we’re happy to provide the refresher!

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Virtual Reality

As students start heading back to school, concussion prevention remains on the mind of many athletes, coaches and parents. A new, cutting edge technology is now being used in some schools to protect teens.

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I'm making sure to blog [http://concussedteen.org/blog] each month to share my Concussion journey with you. Please take a look and pass along any feedback you might have. I'd love to hear from you! - Alex

The Need for Advance Prevention

Coach Bill Cowher spent 15 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, so when it comes to concussions, he knows from what he speaks! He recently wrote an editorial piece for USA TODAY that I hope crosses a lot of people’s desks (or tablets). It’s an important read.

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